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Project Description
This is a WPF Custom Control that delivers an MVVM friendly directory browser. It is loosely coupled to the client application and communicates via an ICommand

The directory browser is specifically targeted to WPF applications that use the Model View View-Model (MVVM) pattern. It does not use, or require, anything in the WinForms name space. There is a sample application included in this release. It must be built targeting 3.5 minimally.

Some of the features in this control are shown in the image below...
As shown, there are two major regions: a list of 'special folders' and a grid of folders in the current directory. Both of these respond to double clicks. In the top left, there are the familiar 'back/forward' buttons and a DDL which presents the navigation history. The navigation history is static so each visit to this control persists prior browsing activity. An open DDL is shown below...
The control also permits the direct entry of text for direct navigation, this is shown below...
And finally, the image below shows how the control appears in a WPF application. There is a binding between the application's View-Model and the control, and this is fired when the user clicks either the 'Select' or 'Cancel' button. For more information, see the sample included in this release.

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